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All Integrations#

To get you started quickly, Unryo provides many predefined integrations (called MLPacks) to monitor your infrastructure, from network to applications up to 5G core network.

MLPacks provide monitoring for a specific device, protocol or technology.


MLPacks include templates to:

  • Collect topology data
  • Collect key metrics
  • Enrich data using tags
  • Ingest events
  • Ingest logs
  • Compute KPIs
  • Detect anomalies using Alert Policies
  • Build dashboard
Unryo ML Pack Description Data
Amazon CloudWatch The Unryo ML Pack for Amazon AWS utilizes AWS CloudWatch to pull metrics and events from Amazon services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Metrics
Amazon S3 Bucket Send logs to an S3 Bucket Logs
Apache Monitors your Apache HTTP servers and with real-time views on activity and performance. Metrics
Avaya Communication Manager Monitors your Avaya Communication Manager device using SNMP. Metrics
BlueCoat Performance dashboards on your BlueCoat ProxySG devices, covering system usage, client statistics, connections, disks and response times. Metrics
Ceph Monitors the Ceph storage cluster health and usage, MON nodes and OSD nodes. Metrics
CheckPoint Firewall Monitors your Avaya Communication Manager device using SNMP. Metrics
Cisco The ML Pack for Cisco IOS adds Cisco IOS-based devices custom-metrics to the standard network monitors, with dashboards on devices system usage. Provides visibility for Cisco routers, switches, Wireless Controllers and more. Metrics
Cisco IP-SLA IP SLA is an active network measurement technology that was initially developed by Cisco Systems, used to track network, performance like latency, ping response, jitter and http. Metrics
Consul Gathers health check statuses from services registered in Consul. Metrics
Couchbase Gathers statistics from a Couchbase cluster and nodes, including usage, ops per sec, quota used, disk and memory utilization. Metrics
Couchdb Collects data from Couchdb databases to monitor the load, query activity and performance, including number of reads, writes, request avg time, exceptions, requests by type, ... Metrics
Dell EMC Unity The ML Pack for Dell EMC Unity monitors the health of your Unity storage arrays, with visibility at the storage pools and LUN levels, including capacity information, IOPS activity, throughput and latency. Metrics
Dell EMC XtremIO The ML Pack for Dell EMC XtremIO Storage Array monitors the health of your XtremIO devices. Metrics
Docker Automatically monitors your existing docker containerized applications and services. Metrics
DNS Queries Monitors the success and response-time of DNS queries. Metrics
Docker Logs Receive logs from Docker containers Logs
ElasticSearch Provides visibility on the ElasticSearch clusters and nodes. Metrics
Exec The ML Pack for Exec collects metrics from any script at a given interval. Metrics
Extreme Networks Adds Extreme Networks custom-metrics to the standard network monitors, with dashboard on devices system usage. Metrics
F5 BigIP Monitors performance and issues for F5 BigIP devices. Metrics
Fortinet Fortigate Adds Fortinet custom-metrics to the standard network monitors, with dashboard on devices system usage. Metrics
Google Cloud Platform Unryo integrates with Google Cloud Platform and provides deep visibility into the workloads that are running on this platform. The Unryo Pack for GCP utilizes GCP Stackdriver to gather metrics. Metrics
HaProxy Provides detailed visibility on how your HAProxy server is operating, with dashboards showing statistics on sessions, volume of requests, response time, queues, denies, errors, status and health states, etc. Metrics
HTTP Check Monitors the status and response-time of HTTP endpoints, allowing you to detect slowdowns and HTTP errors. Metrics
HTTP (Logs) Receive logs from an HTTP endpoint Logs
InfluxDB Displays statistical and diagnostic information about InfuxDB nodes, for troubleshooting and performance monitoring. Metrics
Jenkins Gathers information about the nodes and jobs running in a Jenkins instance. Metrics
JSON Receive logs from a file in JSON Format Logs
Juniper Networks Adds Juniper custom-metrics to the standard network monitors, with dashboard on devices system usage. Metrics
Kafka The Unryo ML Pack for Kafka gathers data on consumers. Metrics
Kubernetes Gives visibility on the running pods and containers, in particular system statistics - cpu, memory, network, fs, runtime image - and volume statistics. Metrics
Kubernetes Energy Kepler (Kubernetes Efficient Power Level Exporter) is a system that exposes a variety of metrics about the energy consumption of Kubernetes components such as Pods and Nodes. Metrics
Kubernetes Events This integration retrieves Kubernetes events from one or multiple clusters, providing you a central place to watch them in real-time. Events
Linux Monitors your Linux hosts with statistics on processor, memory, disk, swap and more. Metrics
MemCached Delivers performance and capacity dashboards to monitor efficiently your MemCached servers. Covers all the key metrics around connections, client requests, storage, hash tables, etc. Metrics
Mesos The Unryo ML Pack for Mesos displays real-time and over-time information on the Mesos cluster, master and slave nodes. It covers system resources, connection status, frameworks, tasks, messages, etc. Metrics
Microsoft Active Directory Gathers data on Microsoft Active Directory important metrics: sessions, queries, system-Wide statistics, ... Metrics
Microsoft Azure The ML Pack for Microsoft Azure relies on Azure Monitor to gather metrics and metadata from many Azure services. It can also gather Azure logs and Azure Alerts for log analysis. Other points of integrations exist to send Unryo collected data to Azure Endpoints, such as Azure Event Hub or Azure IoT Hub. Metrics
Microsoft Exchange Gathers data on Microsoft Exchange Server important metrics. Metrics
Microsoft Hyper-V Monitors Hypervisor's system usage, FS statistics, and VMs performances. Metrics
Microsoft IIS Gathers data on Microsoft IIS important metrics: requests, connections, cache entries/hits, queues, and more. Metrics
Microsoft Sharepoint Gathers data on Microsoft Sharepoint important metrics: requests, cache, disks, and more. Metrics
Microsoft SQL Server Monitors the performance of your SQL Server instances, through out-of-the-box dashboards on user connections, memory, resource pools, workload groups, buffer, database replica, and more. Metrics
MongoDB Monitors your MongoDB system and detect over-loaded databases, spot saturated resources, with real-time view of every database operation statistics. Metrics
MQTT Reads from the specified MQTT topics and convert in metrics. Metrics
MySQL Out-of-the-box dashboards on your MySQL servers, with global status, InnoDB metrics, query volume, query average latency, user statistics, and many more. Metrics
Nagios Unryo consolidates data from your Nagios system, to unify it with other data and deliver cross-domain insights Metrics
Netscaler Citrix Adds Netscaler Citrix custom-metrics to the standard network monitors, with dashboard on devices system usage. Metrics
Network Flows Unryo acts as a network flow receiver and deliver out-of-the-box dashboards and log monitoring to get a rich view on your network traffic flows. Logs
NGINX Monitors NGINX server activity and performance. Metrics
NGINX Logs Receive and parse Nginx logs from a file Logs
Nutanix The Unryo ML Pack for Nutanix collects important metrics on your Nutanix cluster nodes, CVM, disks and VMs. Metrics
Oracle Enterprise Monitors events from your Oracle Server instances. Metrics
Oracle WebLogic Monitors your Oracle WebLogic Server instances. Metrics
Palo Alto Firewall Adds Palo Alto Firewall custom-metrics to the standard network monitors, with dashboard on devices system usage. Metrics
Ping Check Monitors the success and response-time of ICMP devices, allowing you to detect slowdowns and connectivity issues. Metrics
PostgreSQL Monitors your PostgreSQL database with easy-to-read dashboards, showing overall information on requests, latencies and internal statistics. Metrics
Process Monitoring Unryo provides process availability and performance monitoring for hosts that support SNMP and for hosts that run a local Unryo agent. Metrics
Prometheus Gathers metrics from HTTP servers exposing metrics in Prometheus format. Metrics
Proxmox VE The ML Pack for Proxmox VE monitors your Promox VE infrastructure and guide users for fast resolution, with: automatic Dependency mapping between Proxmox clusters, nodes, VMs, containers and storage; Correlation of Proxmox incidents; Anomaly Detection coupled with AI Assistant for context; Dashboards, KPIs and policies. Metrics
PureStorage PureStorage arrays performance dashboards showing global statistics on bandwidth, IOPS and latency. Metrics
RabbitMQ Uses the RabbitMQ Management Plugin to collect statistics about many aspects of the system, including node system performance, messages, nodes, queue, and many more. Metrics
Redis The Unryo ML Pack for Redis provides information on the redis server and clients. Metrics
Riverbed Detailed reports on Riverbed Steelhead devices, such as connections, status and system resources (swap, memory,** Metrics
SNMP Collects metrics from any SNMP capable device or application. Metrics
SNMP Trap Listens for incoming SNMP traps from external devices, translate them, and make them visible from the Unryo console. Metrics
Solr Integrates with the Solr MBean Request Handler to report on requests time, client errors, server errors and more. Metrics
Speedtest Measures the data throughput ( and latency (connection of an Internet connection against one of around 8,000 geographically dispersed speedtest servers. Metrics
Syslog Receive and consolidates syslog messages from devices and applications. Logs
TCP Check Auto-discover and monitor TCP endpoints, allowing you to detect slowdowns and connectivity issues. Metrics
TCP Socket Receive log data from a TCP stream. Logs
Tomcat Monitors the performance and availability of your Tomcat Servers, focussing on critical indicators such as throughput, latency, thread pools, errors and JVM memory usage Metrics
Traceroute The ML Pack for Traceroute combines traceroute and ping to measure a network path's health. Metrics
Ubiquiti Networks Adds Ubiquiti custom-metrics to the standard network monitors, with dashboard on devices system usage. Metrics
Varnish Provides visibility on clients connections, requests statistics, cache performance, threads utilization and many more. Metrics
VMware vSphere The ML Pack for VMware vSphere tells you how the virtual machines affect the performance of your applications and services, and offers out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting capabilities. Metrics
Watch4Net Import watch4net metrics from your existing instance. Metrics
Wildfly JBoss Monitors your Wildfly / JBoss Application Server. Metrics
Windows Monitors your Microsoft Windows hosts with statistics on processor, memory, disk and more. Metrics
Zookeeper Provides visibility on Zookeeper nodes, in particular on clients connections requests, response time and more. Metrics