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Event Normalization#

How it works#

To align events from disparate sources and facilitate event correlation, Unryo normalizes events using several technics:

  • Extract values from the original events, and use them as new tags
  • Process tags, by transforming them or concatening them.
  • Enrich tags based on conditions or based on external sources

Aligning events#


The tagging is extensible and customizable.

The Unryo tagger allows you to:

  • align your events by adding the model's common tags: resource, resource_type, technology or any other tags
  • add your own tags to enrich your data, for example adding a customer tag, a geolocation tag, based on an external data source.

  • Go to Settings > Configuration Management > Tagging

  • Choose your tagging template and edit it.
  • Learn more.


Using processors#

Multiple processors are available to transform events. Learn more.

Common tags#

All events in Unryo are standardized with a set of common properties.

Learn more.