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Upgrade Unryo#

Upgrade manually#

Note: upgrading the Unryo platform is mainly for On-Prem customers. For SaaS deployments, the Unryo platform is hosted and self-maintained, and administrators only have to upgrade their Unryo collector(s) and, if used, their Unryo agents.

All Unryo components are containers, and all your configuration files and DBs are stored in persistent container volumes or centrally in the Unryo Vault. They therefore persist container upgrades.

To update manually Unryo:

  • Log on your host

  • Pull the update images: bash docker-compose pull

  • Then rerun your components with the new images bash docker-compose up -d

You must be in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file you used to deploy your nodes. If your file is not called docker-compose.yml, you must modify the above commands slightly; for example docker-compose -f your-yml-file.yml pull

Upgrade automatically#

To update automatically Unryo:

  • Use crontab: bash 0 3 1 */1 * docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

Kubernetes Deployments#

If you are using Kubernetes, you can do this from the K8S management portal.