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5G Core#


Built on a cloud-native architecture for maximum scalability, the Unryo platform is design to ingest massive volume of 5G messages and telemetry data. The 5G Core monitoring solution is vendor-agnostic, 3GPP-compliant, flexible and supports all 5G 3GPP core components.

It provides the following telecoms use-cases:

Analysis of SBI traffic#

Leveraging Mantisnet NFV probes (ebpf-based passive monitoring), Unryo collectors ingests 5G data as JSON encoded messages, and stores them in a log engine (OpenSearch).

Kubernetes Monitoring#

Unryo monitors in parallel the Kubernetes infrastructure, either by polling data from the Kubernetes API or by connecting your existing Prometheus endpoint(s).

Depending on your architecture, you can also extend visibility and correlation to other domains or telemetry data, such as network flows, service meshes, OpenTelemetry, integration to custom third-party data-sources and more.

Processing and enrichment of CNFs messages#

Unryo extracts in real-time important metadata information from the messages and enrich them with 3GPP service information such as service name, service operation and other tags, based on SBI path and method.

Best-Practice KPIs & Dashboards#

KPIs are computed from log aggregates and stored in a time-serie database for fast queries.

Dashboards show information in real-time and over time:

  • 5G Core control plane communications (success rates, volume rates, etc.)
  • Kubernetes ...

5G Core Topology Maps#

Multi-layers 5G topology maps, automatically learned from the SBI message feed.

  • NF-to-NF traffic
  • 5G Service-Based Architecture
  • NF-to-Kubernetes
  • NF-to-probes
  • Service Topology Maps
  • Custom Maps

Dependencies between CNF components are learned automatically, across multiple layers: