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Working on Dashboards#

Out-of-the-box dashboards#

Unryo comes with hundreds of dashboards, covering the most popular technologies and vendors across the full stack.

Out-of-the-box dashboards are read-only. They are updated periodically, along with the portal.

Custom Dashboards#

You can create your dashboard by either starting from scratch or duplicating an existing dashboard.

Go to the Dashboards tab, and from there, add a New Dashboard or Save an existing dashboard with a new name.

Then, select the type of panel (i.e. graph, table, pie chart, etc.) you want to add and specifying your data query.

Set-up drilldowns (Unryo portal redirect feature)#

The Unryo portal provides a redirect feature, allowing drill-down between in-context with the resource selected. The following examples show how to drill-down between visualizations.

From a dashboard, go to another dashboard:


From a dashboard, go to the Topology Map:


From a dashboard, go to the Alarm Console: