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General Questions#

Where is my data stored?

If you’re an Unryo Cloud customer, your data is stored on the geographical region you selected when establishing your Unryo account.

For more information, see Google Cloud Regions

How can I be sure my data is secure?

Unryo has been designed with security as a priority. Unryo uses best-in-class technologies and best practices to protect customer data. Unryo Cloud is hosted on Google Cloud. See Google Security procedures here. On the communication side, all Unryo connections are HTTPS with strong TLS configuration. Our collectors use outbound connections only. Also, see our Security Guidelines.

How do you define a device?

A device is a physical or virtual instance, including cloud resource, VMs, containers, network devices, bare-metal servers, IoT sensors, application instances, etc. You can contact us for custom plans based on specific device types or large volumes.


How many devices can I monitor during my trial?

You can monitor up to 20 devices. If you have specific requirements, you can contact us to allow a larger volume for your trial.

What are the typical steps during the trial?

Once registered, you will have access to your secure environment. With just a few clicks, you will install our lightweight collector, and start seeing your data instantly in real-time dashboards. All of this takes just minutes! Steps are easy and automated, and if you have questions, our experts are devoted to guiding you!

Can I switch from Unryo Cloud to Unryo On-Premise?

That's correct! Plus your components and data can easily be relocated on-the-fly to their new location, which is one of the advantage of the Unryo multi-cloud agility.


What are the prerequisites for the Unryo Collector?

Docker has to be installed on your host:

On Ubuntu or Debian: # apt-get install docker
Or (for any linux distro): # curl -fsSL -o && sh
You can also refer to the Docker manual for instructions.

I want to install the Unryo Collector on multiple hosts. Do you have integration with orchestration tools ?

Yes. Unryo provides examples and integration with a couple of popular automation tools like ansible. For more information, please contact

How frequently is the data collected and sent?

It depends on the technology being monitored. Each ML Pack comes with a default polling period typically set to 1min, but it can be overwritten if you prefer shorter or longer polling periods.


What kinds of things can I do with Unryo Reporting?

Unryo stores and monitors your metrics to give you a unified and real-time visibility on your entire infrastructure and applications, whether hosted on-premises or in public clouds. It helps you monitor and better understand your entire IT stack and services, to quickly identify issues that might be impacting the health of your resources, services, and customers. You can use the out-of-the-box dashboards or customize your own dashboards, add multiple graphs and tables, add custom metrics, and refine the alerting rules based on your priorities. Unryo collects data from the infrastructure directly, and from your existing monitoring tools to provide you with a consistent and centralized view. Once you have identified the root cause of a performance issue, you can quickly act by going directly to the resource or to the underlying monitoring tool to take action.

What kinds of things can I do with Unryo Log Management?

Unryo stores and monitors your logs to help you better understand and operate your systems, applications, and networks. You can use it in a number of ways.

  • For real-time application and system monitoring, to track errors that occur in your application logs, and send you a notification whenever an alerting condition is encountered.
  • For log insights, helping developers, operators and system engineers understand, improve and debug their applications, by allowing them to interactively search and visualize logs.
  • For network monitoring, by analyzing network traffic flow and volume, to determine where traffic is coming from and where it is going to.
  • For long term log retention, to store your data in highly durable storage, and access it whenever you need it.

Can I share dashboards?

Yes, access to the portal is available to anyone with the correct permissions for the account. Unryo provides multiple ways to share insights with your colleagues and customers.