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Cloud Platforms#

About Cloud Monitoring#

Unryo monitors the performance and availability of your resources from your public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP), as well as cloud service availability. By providing a single dashboard across all locations, you get full visibility of the capacity, performance, utilization, and cost of your cloud resources.


The ML Pack for Amazon CloudWatch utilizes the CloudWatch API to pull metrics and dimension data from your AWS services. Prebuilt dashboards and alerts are available to monitor the performance and health of major AWS services including EC2, EBS, ECS, S3, RDS, Redshift and more. Billing data is also collected to provide a consolidated cost view across your AWS services and linked accounts. You can also track AWS endpoints using synthetic HTTP checks.

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The ML Pack for Microsoft Azure relies on Azure Monitor to gather metrics and metadata from many Azure services. It can also gather Azure logs and Azure Alerts for log analysis. Other points of integrations exist to send Unryo collected data to Azure Endpoints, such as Azure Event Hub or Azure IoT Hub.

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Google Cloud#

Unryo integrates with Google Cloud Platform and provides deep visibility into the workloads that are running on this platform. The Unryo Pack for GCP utilizes GCP Stackdriver to gather metrics.

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