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Types of Integrations#

Data Sources#

Those integrations connect to your observability tool(s) such as Prometheus, InfluxDB, VictoriaMetrics, ElasticSearch/OpenSearch and many more.

When you add your observability tool(s) as a data source, Unryo then discovers all the dependencies and displays insights to your operation teams, with root cause findings and AI recommendations.

Telemetry data stays in your data source(s) and is not duplicated in Unryo. Unryo acts smoothly as a correlation layer on top of your monitoring stack, by inspecting only the key data (metadata, important metrics, events when available) to feed its correlation engine.


Those integrations poll directly the infrastructure components and store data for long-term storage.

It is composed of out-of-the-box instrumentations (called MLPacks) that provide monitoring for a specific device, protocol or technology:

  • Collect key metrics
  • Discover topology dependencies
  • Enrich data using tags
  • Ingest events
  • Ingest logs
  • Compute KPIs
  • Detect anomalies using Alert Policies
  • Provide dashboards

To get you started quickly, Unryo provides many MLPacks out-of-the-box across all the IT infrastructure stack. Learn more

Outbound Integrations#

Outbound integrations communicate with external systems, such as notification tools, messaging and remote storage. Learn more

Custom integrations#

If you have custom data that is not covered by out-of-the-box integrations, you can create your own configurations directly from the Configuration UI. Learn more