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Correlation Workflow#


When an anomaly is detected, Unryo performs root cause analysis (to determine the probable cause based on the topology), impact analysis (to identify the impacted resources based on the topology) and business service monitoring (to modelize services and calculate SLA/SLO).

Root Cause Analysis#

Root cause analysis is based on the topology knowledge. When a resource goes down, the Unryo Correlation Engine determines if the resource is the root-cause or an impact, according to the status of the parent resources. The root cause status is specified in the alert property, to facilitate triage and to reduce alert noise.

Impact Analysis#

The Unryo Correlation Engine determines which resources are impacted, based on the topolog knowledge.

Business Services#

The Business Impact Analysis lets you define Business Services ; such as Customers, Department, Contracts and more ; then calculates their status, based on impact analysis driven by propagation rules.