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How it works#

Unryo adds observability and correlation to your VictoriaMetrics time-serie database.

When you connect your VictoriaMetrics as a data source, Unryo starts analyzing your metrics to discover dependencies and surface problems.

Metrics stay in your VictoriaMetrics and is not stored in Unryo (except if you want to). By doing so, Unryo acts smoothly as a correlation layer and consolidation layer (MoM approach) on top of your VictoriaMetrics database.

Connecting your VictoriaMetrics#

To add VictoriaMetrics as a data source, follow these steps:

  1. Go in Configuration Management > Connectors
  2. Click +
  3. Select the data source template
  4. Enter the necessary settings (note: Unryo stores safely configurations and credentials encrypted in a secure vault stored on-premise in your infrastructure).