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The ML Pack for Nutanix collects importants metrics on your nutanix cluster nodes, CVM, disks and VMs.


Go in Configuration Management.


Click on the + button to add a new configuration.


Select the template Nutanix. Select the Collector on which you want this configuration to be deployed; and provide a Configuration Name that is meaningful for you. The Description is optional.


In the template, enter the correct settings for your Nutanix instance(s). Other configuration options are possible. Browse the template to discover them.

Once done, click Apply to start the monitoring.


Category Metrics
Cluster Status, Storage Total Capacity, Storage Used Capacity, Iops, Latency, IO Bandwitdh
Disks Raw Bytes Available, Total Bytes Usable, Free Bytes, Total Inodes, Free Inodes, Average Latency, IO Bandwidth, IOPS, Status
Controler VM Total Memory, Total number of CPUs allocated
Storage pool Total Capacity, Used Capacity, IOPS, Latency, IO Bandwitdh
Container Total Capacity, Used Capacity, IOPS, Latency, IO Bandwitdh
Hypervisor VM Count, Cpu Count, Cpu Usage, Memory Usage, Read IOPS, Write IOPS, Latency, IO Bandwitdh, RxBytes, TxBytes, RxDrops, TxDrops